Flexel Mobility


Where do your products come from?

We source products from countries around the world including UK, Denmark, Poland, USA, China, Taiwan & Vietnam.

Do you have a quality system?

Yes, we run our own version of ISO9001

What if i’m not sure what I need?

Our sales team has a vast industry knowledge and can answer most queries.

How do I place an order?

You can log into your account and order online, telephone us on 01280 704141, email us at [email protected] , or even fax us on 01280 706373 (If you still have a fax machine)

What is your delivery lead-time?

We aim to deliver all goods next working day, if ordered before 12pm.

Are your products VAT exempt?

As a trade wholesaler we charge VAT on all products.

How do I open an account?

Contact us by phone or via the contact form on the website and an account manager will be in touch to sort out the details.

What carrier do you use?

Our freight partner for parcel deliveries is DPD, for pallet deliveries our partner is the pallet network.

Do you supply the general public?

No, Flexel are a trade only wholesaler.

The Flexel Infill System

Can you Infill any wheel?

We can infill any wheel that is made from metal either split or single piece rim. However spoked wheels are not ideal as the process involves a curing in an oven and this can affect the trueness of the wheel. This curing process also has an effect on some plastic wheels. For these scenarios, we also make Flexel inserts.

Will having a tyre Infilled effect the weight?

Yes, the infill material will add weight to the tyre, this will vary depending on the size of tyre.

Will having a tyre infilled effect how long it lasts?

No, because an infilled tyre mimics a correctly inflated tyre, optimum tyre wear is possible.

Will Flexel infilled tyres make the ride hard?

The ride characteristics will change, nothing is as good as air for cushioning and comfort. However, because Flexel is microcellular and rubber based, it provides as close to a pneumatic ride as possible.

What is the Flexel infill system made from?

Flexel is a natural rubber based product, with no latex content.

Can you fill any tyre, for example a car or bicycle tyre?

No, the Flexel infill system only works on slow moving vehicles (less than 8Mph). It is also most suited to smaller tyre sizes, up to 16” diameter.

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